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Wooden Mouse Trap

1.For clean and quick trapping ,ideal for runway trapping
2.Eco-friendly ,No chemicals or poison
3.Be recycled,after cleaning
4.Easy to use :just put the trap along the wall or near the hole.

Product feature:

1.snap trap gives u instantly killed and capture 

2.Including a curved part to hold the bait in place more securely 

3.Simply lift the rugged metal killer bar to dispose of the body

product name

Easy to use new wooden snap mouse traps factory price

Large size


Small size






Carton size


Directions For Use:

1.Place bait firmly on the bait hook.

2.To ensure mouse steps onto trap,place only a small portion of recommended food onto metal spike.

3.Holding the trap so that the wire square is facing away from you.

4.Release the metal bar from the bait book and pull back toward you.

5.Place trap in desired location where mouse or rat have been active,at right angles to the run or wall, ensuring the trap faces the wall.

6.Pull back the wire square firmly, the extended arm should have now secured itself on the bait hook and trap is now set.

7.Release the trap slowly.

8.Make daily inspections of the rat trap.

Cations :

1.Position in protected locations out of reach of Children and pets. not put fingers inside trap. 

3.Wear protective gloves when removing rat and dispose in accordance with the local authority regulations.

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