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Mice Sticky Pads

1.Strong adhesive :more glue than other similar product in the market
2.Odor:peanut butter and some attractant
3.Applicant :kitchen,home ,garden ,hotel ,building ,bars,office
4.Easy to use :lies flat or can be folded to protect from failing objects and dust

Product Feature :

1.No springs ,No snaps ,No hurts finger 

2.No poison,Eco-friendly 

3.Disposable discard rat glue trap 

4.For apartments,homes ,factories,offices and so on

General information

Glue trap are a highly effective way to deal with mice infestations,and work with raping the mouse on a board of glue.

However ,the trap itself dose not kill the mouse ,there is a legal requirement for the mouse to be humanely killed after capture.In addition to ensure that undue suffering dose not take place ,traps must be checked at least every 24H.

Directions for use 

1.Carefully peel off the release paper from the glue trap, and take great care not to touch the adhesive surface.

2.Alternatively to folding into a tent shape, the trap can be used flat.

3.Place the trap glue side up on the floor against base board,wall or rear of 3.cupboard in areas where mice are suspected at 2-3 meter intervals.

4.Bait can be added for increased effectiveness.

5.Should no mice be caught in 2-3 days, then move trap to a new location that shows droppings.

6.Protect from dust for maximum effectiveness.

Discard mouse with trap.

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