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Rat Killer Bait Station

1.It is the second generation anticoagulant rodenticide ,can poison a few days
2.Factory supply ,save the cost and time ,control the quality
3.Formulation support ,special formulation and compound formulation
4.We test the quality every time when we buy from suppliers by our own lab

General Information :

It belongs to the second-generation anticoagulant which has  a good palatability and is popular with all over the world. Usually, it will be safe for the human and non-target animals. Besides, it can be applied to dwelling houses, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, farmland and so on.

Technical Data:

Common Name: Brodifacoum

Active Ingredient: 0.005% Brodifacoum

CAS No.: 56073-10-0

Molecular Formula: C31H23BrO3

EC No.: 259-980-5

Individual Packing:customize

Outer Packing: Corrugated Carton or Pallet

How To Use:

For more safe, putting the Rodenticide Bait inside the bait station then locked, to avoid touching with Children or pets.

In the places where mice often appear, put it along the foot of a wall or shadows.

Outside, put it nearby mouse holes or mouse passages.

10 to 20g per m2, the stack distance is 5m.

The more the quantity of mice is, the more the quantity of stack is.

The death time is 2 to 11 days.

If has water in circumstances, it will improve the effect of deratization.


During production or use, should wear respirators, protective gloves and clothing.

After putting rodenticides, flush with plenty of water and soap immediately.

Be ware of eating by mistake. If do and poisoning, should be sent to the hospital. 

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