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Factory Supply Blue Rodenticides Bait Wax Blocks

Factory Supply Blue Rodenticides Bait Wax Blocks

factory supply blue rodenticides bait wax blocks

Product details 

Product name  factory-supply-blue-rodenticides-bait-wax blocks
Specification 0.5%mother powder ,0.005% brodifacoum bait 
Classification  rodenticide ,rodent ,mice ,rat 
    CAS No 
Characteristic Brodifacoum is internationally recognized as the most virulent of the second-generation anticoagulant  rodenticides.Besides the product contains the edibles lures and the feeding attractant which is easy accepted by rat abd has no peculiar smell 
Application Put in the places where mice often appear, such as corners, cool places, or near the rat hole.The more the quantity of mice is, the more the quantity of stack is.The death time is 3 to 10 days.
  Package  100g/bag,200g.bag,500g/bag,10kg/ctn,25kg/drum 
Delivery time  about 20 dyas after receiving your deposit 

1. Storage in ventilated and dry place under regular temperature;

2. Stock it in the place out of children's touch;

3. Do not keep or ship it together with food,drinks,seeds, grains and forage

First aid measure 

1. Symptom of toxicity is weakness and blooding in visceral organ 

   and subcutaneous tissue;

2. If there is any poisoning, go to see the doctor a.s.a.p with packing 

    bag of the product for proper treatment;

3. VitaminK1 is the antidote. 

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