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What Is A Fly Catcher?
Oct 11, 2017

With the development of people's Science and technology, health and environmental awareness of the enhancement, also in order to live in peace of mind, eat at ease, people have chosen a family-type battery mobile catcher (also known as The Fly Trap) It is a very practical fly catcher (fly catcher). Flies not only spread disease but also cause skin allergies. January 26, 2011 To obtain the utility model Patent certificate.

Using the principle of the quartz clock, a normal 5th-number battery can catch flies for three months. According to the basic principle of fly habit, a set of very special fly-catching program is designed, which is characterized in that the drawer is put into the inside of the box in the process of biting and feeding, which unknowingly follow the gap of the runner and the direction of the runner's rolling. The ultimate goal of catching flies is to die from the airtight and food-free storage of the fly box.