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Vietnam Is On Environmental Activities ,Maximum Fine Is 2 Billion
Dec 04, 2017

Recently,Vietnam’s State Environmental Protection Administration is conducting a large-scale environmental inspection on renewable resource enterprise.The main inspection content is sewage system , workshop dust removal system,disposal of waste .Because of this,the production declined .

According to “Vietnam News ”on Nov.26th ,recently, the government introduced the government No.155/2016/ND-CP increasing the violation of environmental regulations and administrative penalties .Under the decree ,personal environmental violations will be fined up to 1 billion VND (about $44400),institutional fines up to 2 billion VND(about 8.8million dollars )

Under the decree ,individuals who violate environmental laws and regulations in industrial zones,export processing zones,trading zones and trade towns will be fined 5-500million VND(about 220-2220 U.S. Dollars ) ;personal illegal sewage ,especially toxic pollutants ,will be sentenced to a fine of 300000 to 1 billion VND(about 1.3-4.4 million U.S. Dollars);individuals violate the laws and regulations on the protection of the marine environmental will be punished with a rate of 250 to 11 billion VND(about 1.1-4.4U.S dollars).Fines for individuals or individuals are twice as those imposed on an organization .

In 2016, when Formosa was fined $ 500 million in Vietnam for sewage issues, the Vietnamese government began a nationwide investigation and reorganization of sewerage companies. The enterprises involved in pollution-stricken businesses started to introduce large quantities of environmental protection technologies and equipment, To ensure that its sewage standards in line with environmental requirements.

Therefore, in the overseas market investment in processing must pay close attention to the local introduction of the relevant policies