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Three Main Types Of Fly Control --fily Killer
Jan 20, 2018

There are three main types of fly control :physical ,biological and chemical.the most effective measures are the combination of three methods .

Physical :Keep the ground clean and tidy ,regular disinfection .Dispose the old goods and rotten food in time

Biological:kill the files by their enemy ,such as :beetle ,hornets and so on

Chemicals:it is the most effective for killing the files .the chemical drugs are not only kill the files ,but also kill the fly egg and larva .chemicals are classified as larvicides and insecticides .

Larvicides :the d drugs play a major role in larval stage ,the effective are showing after 2weeks .spray on livestock or poultry directly

insecticides :it can kill files quickly but it is not a standard way to control files.

A:painting :paint on which the files will be stay in .when the files crawling ,the files will be dyed by poison.

B:Spray:spray into space ,dyed by fog particles .For quickly killing

C:fly glue ribbon :hang the ribbon in which the files appear frequently.

D:fly bait poison:it is a easy,economic and efficient way .

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