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The Working Principle Of The Fly Catcher
Oct 11, 2017

When catching a fly, first in the container to water to the bulge, then cover the top of the container, and then put some of the West skin under the container as bait. Flies have climbed the phototaxis, when the smell of the bait flies to fly to the bottom of the catcher, it will pass through the hole to the container, once its wings are wet, it can only obediently die.

Buzzing, annoying flies all went into a glass container, struggling to escape when they fell into the water, become captive. This seemingly usual full name of the glass container is called the new environmental multifunctional Fly catcher, which was invented by the 76-year-old Zhang old man.

Zhang old man lives in Xinjiang Shihezi, January 12, he broadcast a summer with the use of the Fly catcher video. He said it took him 10 years to develop the fly-catcher.