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The Use Of Mouse Medicine
Oct 11, 2017

(1) Timely removal of weeds, reasonable arrangement of crop layout, good indoor and outdoor environmental health.

(2) The Rat Trap method is used as bait by using a medium mousetrap, such as meat, peanut kernels or sunflower seeds, to be placed in rats ' holes or on rat's road.

(3) Poison bait method At present, the use of drugs to kill rats can be selected chronic rodenticide have the enemy rat sodium salt, kill rat acetamiprid, kill rat spirit, bromine enemy lung, dalong, chlorine enemy rats. Acute drugs can be used in fields such as fluorine and botulinum toxin. It is forbidden to use 1081 (acetamide), 1080 (acetic acid), 424 (Tetramine, rat-killing), and poisonous rat silicon.

(4) The rapid and chronic drug use, in the last century 80 's, China's use of the first generation of anticoagulants safe and effective, now the second generation of anticoagulant rodenticide bromine enemy lung, long palatability good, to save food, can be used as a replacement varieties.

(5) Using the enemy rat sodium salt bait indoor concentration in 0.025%, the field is 0.05%, the effect can reach more than 90%, concentration 1% a 5% loss of the advantages of anticoagulant blood, killing effect is not good.

(6) Do not use unregistered registration of toxic, fake, poor rat drugs, in order to avoid the consequences. Poisoning everyone rats because everyone suspicious, so before putting bait, it is best to put before bait, 6-7 days after the bait. Indoor use of each room for 50~100g around, using saturated feeding method, outdoor per hectare 1500~3750g, the use of blockade belt, one-time feeding technology.

(7) Promote the use of C-type Clostridium botulinum toxin to kill rats.