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The Propagational Ecology Habit Of Files
Jan 12, 2018

The propagational ecology habit 

Mating :

Files have a rare feature that they can be spawned by mating once .a females spawn 5-tine ,the number of eggs each time are about 100-150,up to 300 or so .mating time is generally 5.00-7.00 in the morning ,when they are mating ,they should be stay in one place ,crawling together ,double-flying ,effective mating time of up to 1H.The files are mating one time in their all life .Male flies semen can be storage in the female long-term seminal vesicles to stimulate spawning, and continued 2 to 3 weeks to keep the fly eggs without fertilization with another male flies

Spawning :

Files have amazing fecundity . the peak of spawning is at 17.00-19.00per has been observed that in the laboratory  the files spawn about 100eggs in one batches ,and one female files spawn 10-20batcehs ,in total of 600-1000eggs .in nature ,life-span eggs for the 400-600 eggs .

According to the most conservative estimates .each females files produce 200,100females only need to go through 10 generations ,the total number of breeding files will reach 200billiom.

Eating :

Files like fragrant ,sweet ,sour ,it has a special habit of eat ,while vomiting ,while pulling .For more food .files have to bowel movements 4-5 time per minute .Flies eat in the same time they also eat into their own unfavorable bacteria, so "eat and spit" approach helps to quickly rule out bacteria.General flies from eating, absorbing nutrients until the waste excreted, only 7 ~ 11 seconds

Activities characteristics 

Files are insect that they are activities in day and stay in night .files’ activities greatly influenced b temperature .only for crawling :4-7℃,eating,mating,spawning :up to 20℃.most activities:30-35℃,too hot to flying :35-40℃   .death :45-47℃

Files are good at flying ,flying speed up to 6-8km per hour,the highest flight of 8-18km per day and night .but they are usually fly more than 100-200m on the ground ,mostly not more than 1-2km