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Prevention Measures ------fly Killer
Jan 17, 2018

Home prevention:

1.household garbage is wrapped in plastic bags .

2.the trash must be covered ,clean up and transported away without delay

3.Put the flies killer in eatery ,restaurant and so on.

4.Poultry and livestock are prohibited in urbanite 

5.Do not use chicken ,duck,fish’s internal organs ,bones to make fertilizer

6.Use of natural enemies ,such as the spider ,gecko


   Keep away files 

1.The vinegar :spray some vinegar indoors and the files will stay away

2.Dried orange peel :light dried orange peel indoors  ,not only expel files ,but also eliminate peculiar smell

3.Onion:with strong pungent and pungent smell,files can be expelled

4.Tomatoes :potted tomato ,the files will stay away

Methods of  killing  files swatter:    advantages :low cost    disadvantages :pollution

2.Electronic fly-swatter   advantages :eco-friendly    Disadvantage :high cost

3.Insecticides killing (fast killer ):stomach poison ,tag killing .pollution of the environment ,not applicable to food factory and pharmaceutical factory

4.Ultraviolet lamp killer :phototaxis animals ,a power grid can give fly electric shock Advantages :non-pollution,kill fly day and night   disadvantages :sparking ,not suitable for flammable and explosive places

5.Sticky fly paper :the flies will be sticky ,