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Methods Of Killing Cockroaches
Oct 11, 2017

The method of killing stomach poison

The so-called gastric poison killing method is to kill cockroach drugs and bait and bait, preservatives, and so on a certain proportion of the compound, made into a cockroach love to eat poisonous bait to kill cockroaches way. The main products have the following kinds.

1. Cockroach granule, cockroach medicine and bait mixing, granulation, drying, mainly used for throwing a cockroach environment of the ground, such as 1.8% Shennong kill cockroach granules, etc., not detailed here.

2, the cockroach glue bait, wet paste-like bait, there are syringe and patch installed two kinds of products, this product on the cockroach palatability is good, holding effective, the disadvantage is easy to dry and so on.

3, cockroach water gel bait, is a new cockroach-killing products, the effect of a significant, cockroach-killing complete, easy to use.

II. Tagged class method

By spraying or fumigation with drugs, the drug reaches the surface of the cockroach-a way to kill cockroaches by contacting the body of a drug with a cockroach. The main products of tagged are:

① Aerosol: Its representative products have radar, killing spirit and so on, such products enter the market the earliest, was widely used or abused for more than 20 years, the cockroach has produced a very strong resistance to it, to the German cockroach (a small size of a cockroach) has been basically ineffective;

② insecticidal powder: 0.09% increase efficacy hundred insect spirit, 5% malathion, 1% kill Granville Powder agent, 2% Shennong kill cockroach powder agent, etc.

③ smoke bombs: Through the physical method of generating smoke, to smoke as a carrier to the drug delivery to all corners to achieve the purpose of killing cockroaches, such as cockroach smoke bombs.

III. Biological cockroach-killing method

This kind of method is different from other drug methods, biological cockroach is harmless to human, healthy and environmental protection, the main varieties are:

1, the use of cockroach virus to make cockroach plague to kill cockroaches, such as cockroach bait, it uses cockroaches pheromone lure cockroaches to eat, so that cockroaches infected with the virus and spread, can achieve a removal of hundreds of effects.

2, the use of different biological (species) of the characteristics of the disparity to achieve the purpose of cockroach eradication, causing cockroaches to kill each other and hunger strike death. The above-mentioned is a more typical and practical cockroach drug species, there are very few varieties or because of the effect, or use of the limitations of the occasion was omitted.

The following, although not part of the cockroach drug category, but it is similar to the role of cockroach drugs, this is also a simple explanation.

1. Cockroach trap: Lure cockroaches into set traps and kill them, such as cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches, booby traps, etc.

2, ultrasonic kill cockroach, this way because of poor effect and use of the process will produce small doses of ultrasonic radiation, has been gradually fading out of the market