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Knowledge Of Mosquito
Dec 30, 2017


The mosquito is transmitted through blood sucking ,understanding the blood sucking behavior of the mosquito to detect its relationship with the disease .

Only the female is sucking blood after development of suction more than2-3days .the temperature ,humidity ,light and other factors can effect the blood suction activities .Usually ,the temperature over 10 ℃。

The mosquito like who are sweating no showering and baby  metabolically fast.

Living :

Mastering the mosquito habitat is the basis for the development of mosquito control

The mosquito after eclosion and feeding shall be looking for their house they are like in concealment ,dark,poorly places ,such as,under the bed ,cabinet,cracks and stabling ,basement,outdoor in grass,caves

Mosquitoes like to wait, when u  enter the room will be stay a few hours, as long as you open the door, they will quickly follow you into the room, and then looking for chance to bite people. They are one of the few animals that don't walk.)Two people in the same bed, there will be two mosquito "processing" as a result, one is not a bite, a bit black and blue, the cause of this result is not your health , but your body plays a main role of some of the characteristics. Mosquitoes usually have a way of knowing that this person "sleeps", usually when you're lying in bed reading, it's hard to bite you, and once you're going to sleep, it's going to fly to your side and bite you. Mosquito bite of velocity and temperature have a lot to do, at 37 degrees Celsius above, it can be done in 0.1 seconds will bite "flowing", in 27 degrees Celsius below sting is greatly reduced, the speed of 17 degrees Celsius below generally don't bite.