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How To Use Ant Control
Oct 11, 2017

1, in the ant infestation or habitat, with syringe glue bait directly into the corners, cracks or cracks. In order to control the ants effectively, the food sources around the drug-applying point should be reduced.

2, do not use this product to hold or handle food, feed containers and equipment surface.

3, should not be in the regular scrub place to put glue bait, lest affect the efficacy.

4. Do not use this product in the area of the recently used insecticide repellent, and after placing the bait, you should avoid spraying other insecticides on the bait to avoid reducing the efficacy of the bait agent. Control ant, using point casting in the indoor direct glue bait, every square metre 1 to 2 points, at any time to observe the situation of ants, check whether it is necessary to put the glue bait again.

5, the method of applying medicine

To point to a wide range of small, each drug point mung bean size can be applied to the ants often haunt the place.


1. Medicines should be placed in places where children cannot reach them and avoid mistaken clothing.

2. Wash your hands after use.

3. Do not pollute food and drinking water when using.