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Eight Questions About Cockroaches
Nov 24, 2017

Learn more about the cockroach 

Q1. How long have been lived on earth ?

The cockroaches have been lived 350 million years ,its shape hasn’t changed in hundreds of millions of years ,but their are getting stronger and stronger 

Q2. How many cockroaches name

There are all kinds of names in China ,like Tea woman, staling oil Po ,the groom,Du Ants ,sweet lady,negative withdrawal,sloth and ect.

Q3. What kind of cockroaches

Cockroaches belong to the insect roaches there are more than 5000 known around the world ,Divided into family habit and wild .The mostly is wild cockroach , the health pests account for about 0.5%

Q4 what the characteristics of the cockroaches habit.

The basic for the survival of cockroaches is that they like the place which is warm ,wet,rich ,hole .

Cockroaches life characteristics are damp,wet ,dark,activities in evening while they are eating ,they are excretion 

Q5.Where the cockroaches are living?

They often hid around cracks,such as cracks in walls ,pipes ,cabinets ,drawers,furniture and appliances  .

As long as u see a cockroaches ,it has many cockroaches in your house .Winter approaching ,cockroaches are activities in the warm appliances .

Q6. How cockroaches enter the home ?

The cockroaches enter home by door ,window,cracks in the wall ,vents,drains and more 

Q7 .what kind of cockroaches are eating ?

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects .like snacks ,rubbish,stool,bread,cloth,book,soap especially for corrupt fermented organics