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Classification Of Ant Medicine
Oct 11, 2017

1. Physical Extinction ant Class

The use of environmentally friendly ways to kill ants, the main common are:

Sweet snacks: According to ants ' habit of eating sweets, where ants often haunt,

Use sweets such as honey, apples to lure ants to eat, and then splashed with boiling water or fire.

2, the stomach poison kills the class

To kill ant drugs and bait and bait, preservatives, and so on a certain proportion of the compound in order to make ants love to eat poisonous bait to destroy the ant way. The main products of gastric toxin killing are:

1. Bait: Wet paste-like bait, syringes, this product is good for ants palatability, holding effective time. Represents the product has the European attack to kill the ant gum bait and so on

2, particles: Bai kill ant particles to kill ants, fumigation kills ants, through aerosol pesticides or aerosol spray.