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Anti Mosquito Spray

1.Easy to use ---spray the liquid in which is bareness
2.Long -lasting :effective more than 7H
3.Safe: active ingredient:20%icaridin
4.Factory supply,cost performance ,quality control

Product feature :

1.Long-lasting effect of mosquito repellent 

2.Not greasy,won;t stain 

3.Smell fresh and good

Directions :

1.spray on exposed skin evenly 

2.For kids,don not spray on their palms to avoid careless contact with their eyes and months 

3.For clothing ,spray on shits ,pant s,dresses,socks and caps

Cautions :

Do not apply to the pregnant and baby who is only six months.

Do not apply to the sunburned or broken skin and who is allergic

Keep away from children.

Avoid applying the eyes and mouth

First Aid Measures

1.If product gets into eyes, rinse with water thoroughly or call the physician withe the label

2.If ingestion, please drink the water or call the physician withe the label

Storage and Transportation:

Store in a cool, dry place and in such a manner as to prevent cross contamination with other crop protection products, fertilizers, food and feed .Keep away from direct sunlight and raining. 

Shelf-life:2 years 

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