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Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer

1.Release stably -using advanced mandrel to ensure the liquid release stably and effectively
2.Convenient ,safe ,no odor, pure natural,high-effectiveness
3.Mosquito liquid with 0.8% prallethrin
4.Durable-keep using for 8hours of 30days

Advantages :

1) Convenient and durable--don't need to change the liquid every day ,it can last for 30days(according to 10hours per day) 

2) safety and hygiene--with good quality's prallethrin, more safe 

3) Fresh fragrance--gently and no irritating.

4) Screw cap design, so that the liquid is securely installed ; 

5) Leak proof stopper, less volatile

Electric mosquito heater

Working voltage


Powder rating


Nominal frequency


Powder and length


Useful space


Usage :

1.Unscrew the electric mosquito liquid bottle.

2.Make the bottle within the Insect repellent tightly

3.Powering, press the switch。As soon as the guiding light is bright,it is working

4.If replace the liquid, firstly cut off the power and then to cool before replacing


1.Store the product in a cool and dry place, and keep out of children's reach.

2.Wash your hands after touch the product. If ingested, seek medical assistance immediately, and show the package.

3.Don't cover the surface the vaporizer when it works with anything, especially curtains and bed sheet.

4.Don't touch the vaporizer with wet hands, and don't touch it or insert any object when the product works.

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