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Lambdacyhalothrin 2.5 Capsule Suspension

Lambdacyhalothrin 2.5 Capsule Suspension

1.Lambda-cyhalothrin is a effective and long duration insecticide,
2.It can protect the goods from insects and reptiles. Before use, please read the safety rules
3.Strong effective :killing all insecticides

lambda-cyhalothrin is a effective and long duration insecticide, It can protect the goods from insects and reptiles 

Before use, please read the safety rules

Security measures

Do not smoke or drink when using the product


1.Wear the protective goggles(at least with glasses), the drugs without dilution can damage eyes

2.If liquid gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water. (refer to first aid measures).

3.Wear the rubber gloves, have a stimulating effect to the skin without dilution solution.

Cations :

1.If splash on the skin, wash off immediately

2.If splash on clothes, Remove soiled clothing immediately and clean thoroughly 

3.After using, clean the empty bottles with high pressure , or wash three times with water, then pour the liquid back to sprayer.

Methods of use

1.Shake the bottle before using.

2.Pour half of the water to sprayer

3.Open the cap and pour liquid to sprayer.

4.Pour into the other half of the required water spray.

5.Cover the lid sprayer, shake fully 

6.Pressure to the sprayer,spraying to control the roaches control the mosquitoes, flies and other insects, using 10-20 mg per square meter.

When spraying

1.Avoid contact with the liquid 

2.Wear protective mask, cover nose and mouth.

3.When in a narrow range or higher than  the head, wear protective goggles.

4.Keep away from food, drink and feed.


1.highly-toxic to the silkworm, fish! Do not use in reservoirs and rivers.

2.according to the scientific operation procedures, handle the remaining liquid sprayer properly.

After using

1.Before dry, keep away from the children 

2.After using, you should take a bath, change and wash clothes

3.Flush the empty bottle 3 times, according to the rules of the local government, do not leave bottles in the water.

4.lock the left liquid and keep away from the children and food.

First aid measures

1.If splash into eyes,Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes and call the doctor with label

2.If taking ,do not induce vomiting , send patients to hospital with the label. If poisoning, send the patient to hospital for gastric lavage to prevent the matter get into the respiratory.

3.if necessary, taking Activated charcoal and laxatives to treat

Storage and transportation: stored in a cool ,dry place, do not transport with food and avoid the sunlight and rainy

Shelf life: two years

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