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Insecticide Killer

  • Insect Killer Powder

    Insect Killer Powder

    1.Appearance :white powder
    2.High-effective ,low-toxic ,easy to use
    3.Rich experience :More than 20 years
    4.Majored in roach gel ,rat poison ,fly killer
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  • Bed Bug Killer Powder

    Bed Bug Killer Powder

    1.Easy to use :put the powder in which the insects appear frequently
    2.Pest control :bed bugs ,ants ,and other insects
    3.More than 20 years experience ,especially for pest control
    4.Customize for your formulation
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  • Bed Bug Killer Spray

    Bed Bug Killer Spray

    1.Kill the bed bugs spray
    2.Pest control :bed bugs ,ants,files,mosquito ,spiders and soon
    3.Easy to use :spray direct to the insects
    4.High-efficiency ,economy ,durable
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  • Raid Bug Killer

    Raid Bug Killer

    1.Easy to use :put the powder in which the insect appear frequently
    2.Rapid effect on killing files and crawls
    3.It is friendly to the environment
    4.Majored in roaches gel ,rat poison .fly killer ,ant killer
    5.Customize for your formulation
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  • Lambdacyhalothrin 2.5 Capsule Suspension

    Lambdacyhalothrin 2.5 Capsule Suspension

    1.Lambda-cyhalothrin is a effective and long duration insecticide,
    2.It can protect the goods from insects and reptiles. Before use, please read the safety rules
    3.Strong effective :killing all insecticides
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  • Insecticide Microencapsulation

    Insecticide Microencapsulation

    1.Killer types insecticides
    2.Professional R&D team ,customize your demand
    3.Professional team solve your questions
    4.Majored in roach gel ,rat poison ,mosquito repellent ,fly killer ,insecticides
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