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Where to put the bait
Nov 20, 2017

where to put the bait 


1.Family zone:about 100m2,put bait in the morning with 1kg ,once a day .put the bait in which the corner of kitchen ,wall ,balcony and so on .

2.Office zone :put the bait along the corridor and underground garage where is wet and dark 

3.Shopping zone:put the bait in debris area ,nearby heating ,also could be used with rat glue paper board 

4.Canteen zone :put the bait in which storage room and heating hood with 80g bait ,bait with each meter ,lasting about 1month

5.Sewer and pipeline well :put the bait 100g ,check and add the bait at least 3times a day 

6.Warehouse :put the rat bait station/box with bait and mouse glue trap along the wall at 5 meter each, add the bait in time 

7.Bazaar :put bait each 5 meters with each 50g along the wall and under the shelves .check and supply the bait in time 

8.Construction site:put the bait each 5 meters along the wall and the bed  in workers dormitory with each 50g .

Tips :Mainly used rat granules mouse sticky glue paper board indoor ,used with rodent blocks and bait each 50g outdoors .

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