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What kind of cockroach-killing drug works?
Oct 11, 2017

The first to buy is spray, because the fear of spray on the baby has influence, so the baby brought to her grandmother lived for a few days. But the first day of spraying a few cockroaches died, and then how to spray a cockroach is not dead, but more and more, do not know what reason. Because the taste is too big, I do not want to spray again.

Then went to buy a roach bait box, which is the kind of a small box, where the cockroaches to come to kill. such as the two days of the cockroach also has a role, but also died a lot of cockroaches, I thought to find a savior, but the third day began, the cockroach does not bite, from the side passed by not to take medicine, then no longer see dead cockroaches, live cockroaches continue to rampage. The cockroach once again declared defeat.

There is no way to go to the supermarket again to find, can buy the cockroach medicine to buy back home use, but eventually did not kill the cockroach clean. Finally, there is no way, can only find the almighty mother. The final facts also prove that my choice is correct.

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