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What about ants in a flowerpot? These four little ways to let the ants disappear!
Oct 11, 2017

1, health Ball drive. The method is very simple, is to use a health ball or camphor ball, in the edge of the flower pot to draw a circle can, the ant no longer dare to approach.

2, with lemon juice. If you do not want to spray in the home, there are ants where the hot water + lemon juice spray, quite useful.

3, cigarette ash or the end of the cigarette water to eliminate. There are ants is not bad, my friend taught me a way to try, find some cigarette ashes or cigarette butts bubble water watering pots, the ants are gone.

4, Ant medicine. Ant medicine packs up ants. A kind of insecticide called ant cockroach spirit, about two pieces a bag, the community will sell. Find the access to the ants, spray once, once and for all. Scatter in the place where the ant haunts, see the shadow of its place can be put.

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