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The right way for babies to use mosquito repellent fluids
Oct 11, 2017

Although we believe that mosquito nets screen is the most ideal anti-mosquito measures, but inevitably there will be "mosquitoes", especially outdoors, the possibility of being bitten will increase. For the sake of double protection, we will choose some mosquito repellent products. So for the skin delicate baby, the mosquito repellent products should how to choose, how to use?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends common mosquito repellent components: DEET, Eucalyptus leaf oil (eucalyptusoil), Imening (also known as repellent ester), and insecticide-cypermethrin (permethrin) for clothing.

Canada's Ministry of Health (Health Canada) prohibits the sale of products with more than 30% of the mosquito-repellent content in the market, recommends that infants within June years of age not use such products, and recommends that 2~12岁 children use products below 10% of the mosquito-repellent content, and 1 days for children under the age of 2 should not be more than 1 times, 2 years of age children 1 Days should not be used more than 3 times.

Generally, the family is using mosquito repellent liquid/toilet water to drive mosquitoes, in a reasonable dosage, according to the correct smear, are safe and effective.

Buy mosquito repellent products recommended to the formal shopping malls, pharmacies or pharmacies to buy, the purchase of regular manufacturers of products, product packaging should contain the following important information: Approval number, production batch, validity period, effective ingredients, how to use the right, the use of the taboo card, it is best to have manufacturers free consultation telephone, the use of process problems can be consulted.

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