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the methods of cockroach prevention and treatment
Nov 27, 2017

control the cockroaches

Cockroaches are gradual insects which are adaptable and strong fertility .Cockroaches like to choose warm, humid, abundant food and many gaps in the dwelling habitat for omnivorous insects, a wide range of food, especially eat fragrant, sweet, oil food.the cockroach are two ways for spreading .Active diffusion -spread by crawling and gliding ;passive diffusion :spread all over the world by transportation

1.Physical cockroach control:

A:sticky,put a sticky paper in which the roaches are appearance frequently,put the bait on the central of paper for stuck the roaches .

B:Boiled water killing :poured into boiled water to the cockroach house

C.Trapped :put the bait into bottle for attracting the roaches 

2.Chemicals cockroach control: pyrethroid drugs have special effects for killing cockroaches using a better choices to killing cockroaches

Tips for usage :put the poison bait ,mainly used for places which are non-flooding ,no wet and no food ;powder killing :mainly used for places which are dray ,rich food,many roaches .it is no effect for beauty ; spray:mainly used for sewers,septic tanks ,kitchen,washroom ,etc;


3.Environment management :clean up the debris,clean the roaches house ,avoid accumulation of debris.the trash must be sealed in outdoor and remove ASAP.invited the professional disinfection company control the pest regularly 

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