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Precautions for the use of rodent traps in families
Oct 11, 2017

1, must pay attention to the use of security, in the bait must be put on the back of the hand grip, can not let go, any time can not try to contact the already good trap pedal;

2, put the folder should pay attention to their own safety, pressure spring rod hanging on, the hand always do not touch the front end, the mousetrap should not be put after the scene to walk around, the Mousetrap to late morning collection, the person responsible;

3, at any time to prohibit children from contact with the mouse folder, family cloth traps in advance with the family to explain the location of cloth, as far as possible in the hidden place to prevent accidental contact caused harm;

4, the cloth traps during the traps to close or fasten the pet;

5, Cloth traps during the trap to collect all the food indoors, in order to increase the lure of bait to the mouse, improve the efficiency of catching rat traps;

6, The Mousetrap should not be placed in the distribution cabinet, high-pressure room, such as easy to cause accidents.

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