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Precautions for pesticides
Oct 11, 2017

The production methods of BT insecticides mainly include liquid deep fermentation and semisolid fermentation. A successful two-step production of the Institute of Biology, Hebei Academy of Sciences, it is an effective, simple and practical BT pesticide production technology which has been summarized by improving, perfecting and creating on the basis of semi-solid fermentation method, its production technology is simple, the scale can be small, especially suitable for the promotion in rural small and medium-sized enterprises, Can greatly reduce the production cost of pesticides, the Development of microbial pesticides, has played a positive role. Especially on the vegetable pests, such as Caterpillar moth, Plutella xylostella and other control effects are very significant. The prevention and control of Helicoverpa Armigera and Dendrolimus punctatus were also promoted in large area.

In field application, to ensure the quality of pesticides, to meet the rapid growth of BT bacteria temperature conditions, the higher the temperature, the stronger the pathogenicity. To avoid intense daylight, because ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to BT bacteria, it is best to apply medicine after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. In addition, we must pay attention to the life habit and sensitivity of the pests, host crops and environmental conditions and the application of Synergist. For example, the prevention and control of borer borers should be in the egg hatching peak, 2 times-3 times, especially on stem borer, control effect is good. Once borers are eaten into the stems, the control effect is poor. The prevention and control of corn borer must be strictly mastered in the terminal stage of maize, and can receive good results. Prevention and control of Helicoverpa armigera, should be mastered in ovulation Peak 2 days after $number days of drug application, the effect is significant. The masses have Tezuka not to worm, fight eggs do not fight pest control experience. In this way, when the larvae hatch, a bite of the egg shell to eat the pesticide into the belly, soon poisoning death. B2 pesticide residues can generally reach 7 days ~ days. If it rains, the rain will wash away the liquid and should be sprayed again.

The application method can be sprayed, sprayed, filled with heart, jet spray, etc. Either way, be sure to apply evenly, to ensure that pests have the opportunity to eat, can play a role in poisoning. The addition of micro-pesticides to BT insecticides, or mixed with other microbial insecticides, can play a synergistic effect and can significantly increase the mortality of pests. BT pesticides and other biological agents of the bio-pesticide complex, has a wider insecticidal spectrum, popular with the masses.

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