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Mosquito repellent liquid is how to drive mosquito?
Oct 11, 2017

This kind of electrothermal mosquito-repellent incense is generally two kinds, one is scented, the other is tasteless; either way, the liquid is contained in the ingredients used to drive mosquitoes, its principle is: in the mouth of the bottle with a very small micro-hole in the bar through to the bottom of the bottle, in the appropriate electric heater, the power supply, the heaters on the " PTC Ceramic Heating Device "started on the bottle of the micro-hole bar heating, after the micro-pore stick on the" capillary "sucked on the stick on the potion in the role of heat, volatile into the room to produce the role of mosquito repellent.

In the use of this type of electric heating drive micro-products, the best room do not have convection, because the wind will reduce and eliminate the room in the effective mosquito repellent "concentration", must open the window, also should be the electric incense mosquito-repellent on the upper edge.

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