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Knowledge of rodent control
Nov 18, 2017

How to kill the rodent 


1.Chronic rat poison Toxicity is slowly ,especially for anticoagulant rodenticides

2.Acute rat poison:Toxicity is quickly,rat poison will be die after eat the bait 

3.Anticoagulant rodenticides : 

Firstly ,inhibit vitamin K1 epoxide reductase ,secondly ,prevent the liver from producing prothrombin ,thirdly destroy blood coagulation function ,finally,hemorrhage dead .

3.1.The first generation of anticoagulant rodenticides

Coumarins and indane dione derivatives,it is characterized that the mice will die after several feeding poisoning 3.2.The second generation of anticoagulant rodenticides All coumarin derivatives ,mice will die after eating bait.

4.Fumigant:The gas is Used in closed environment to kill murine and murine parasites 。

5.Attractant :Compared with poisonous and non-toxic bait ,Better attractant : Feeding coefficient ≥0.3bad attractant Feeding coefficient≤0.1.

Next article is for where to place the bait .Thanks your time 

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