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Knowledge of moquito
Dec 22, 2017

Knowledge of mosquito

Mosquitoes are males and females .the males has a filamentous antenna which are thicker than female.Their food is nectar and plant juice .The females bites the animals and vampire promoting the maturity pf the inner eggs .the total number of eggs is about 1000-3000 for each female.the mosquito go through four times before the pupa emerged and the baby was born .

Egg:1-2days ,Larval stage :5-7days ,pupa :2-3days .Finally broken :3-7days ,in total of  1-2weeks 

There are many kinds of mosquitoes ,the most common is aedes mosquitoes ,culex ,anopheles

Aedes mosquito :they are vampire on day an night  ,sting fierce ,a transmitter of dengue fever.they like to live in water and small container ,such as cylinder ,cans ,flower bed ,tree hole ,waste tyre ,and so on .the aedes mosquitoes are evil and good fly ,Generally the mosquito fly are no more than 1-2km ,but the aedes can fly 5-km and fly fast .


Culex: it the second largest ,there are 70 species  in China .they are common mosquito ,

Know as the family mosquito.


Anopheles :larvae breed in large pools of water ,like rice paddies ,reed pond ,slow-flow ditches and so on .


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