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Knowledge of files
Jan 11, 2018

how the files are being

Flies are completely abnormal insects, and its life will pass through eggs, larvae (maggots), pupae, adult, four periods, The female lays her eggs on rotten organic matter such as carrion or feces, and the larvae hatch and feed on them. Some species of fly ovoviviparous, such as the hemp fly.


Eggs are milky white  with banana or oval shape which length are 1mm .the development time of the egg is 8-24H with the temperature is 8-42℃。The incubation rate changes with temperature and humidity .the best incubation temperature is 35℃ and the humidity is 65%-85%.


The larvae are commonly known as maggots.there are 3 ages :1:the length :1-3mm ,2:the length :3-5mm  3:the length :5-13mm with conical .their color changes from transparent to yellow as  age.the life of maggots is  like drilling ,but they fear the light and like to live in the dark.larval stage is a key period in their living life .its growth and development is directly related to their life 


Pupa is the third metamorphosis on the life of flies with barrel shape,the color is changed from light to dark ,to chestnut finally with a length of 5-8mm

Adult  body length 5-8mm .with grayish brown,compound eye ,dark red .the width of the female fly is almost equal to the with of one side .the tentacles are black,short and thin .Files have 6 legs (3 pair ) ,in front of which is the front leg of a mammal ,and the behind legs which is for support .

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