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Indoors outdoors, how should we prevent mosquitoes?
Oct 11, 2017

At home:

Keep the indoor clean and hygienic: regular cleaning, not to stay in the sanitary corner, all possible places to save water clean, do not give mosquitoes to hide and multiply;

Do not forget to use screens to make the window ventilation to prevent all kinds of mosquitoes flying into;

In the heating hood, bathroom corners and other room dead-end regular spraying mosquito killing agents, must be in the child's absence when spraying, and pay attention to ventilation.

Mosquito nets are good anti-mosquito tools, but the baby sleep love activities, if small arms, calves, small face next to the mosquito nets, mosquitoes will pass the gap bites the baby, the solution is in the small bed around the height of a layer of $number centimeters of thin cloth.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: in time to change the sweat-flavored clothing, regular drying of bedding, if the house carpeted, also need to regularly dry cleaning.


Try to avoid at dusk, dawn out, because the evening, Dawn, outdoor mosquitoes are rampant; if you must go out, remember to put on the baby long trousers, and bring a fan around the baby gently fan fan, drive off mosquitoes, young children, can also be fitted to the baby's car bed nets.

As far as possible to avoid grasslands, depressions and other mosquitoes more places to play, but not in the grass sit in the rest.

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