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How to quickly destroy indoor mice
Oct 11, 2017

As the saying goes, all everyone. Stealing food, biting bad clothes, spreading plague, rodent typhus, tsutsugamushi disease, leptospirosis, tick return fever, Salmonella infection, toxoplasmosis and other diseases, the human harm is great. The Northern rats usually build nests in warehouses to steal food. The food bag was chewed out and hid in its nest. and very destructive! Now because of the improvement of life, more and more mice appear in various places, then the rodent company is more and more people choose, rats not only steal things and destroy things, infectious diseases ... The most annoying thing is the thief who is born quickly.

1, the first daily rubbish must be sorted and put, do not throw everywhere, do a good job in environmental health resettlement. If necessary overnight, the garbage bag must be sealed, do not open;

2, the home of food, especially snacks, beverages, dry goods, etc. should be placed in the mouse can not touch the place sealed preservation;

3, home doors and windows to close, do not let rats in, especially sewers, floor drains, etc.

4, really not, you can use physical and chemical integrated control methods to kill rats, the initiative to prevent mice.

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