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how to apply the cockroach bait
Nov 30, 2017

how to apply the cockroach bait

1.put the bait in which the cockroaches are activities  ,such as :kitchen ,stove ,cupboards,cabinets,bookcases,drawers,warehouses,storage rooms,debris pile,wall joints,livestock stall etc.

2.Cockroach powder :Put the bait should be less powder ,more point,0.2-0.3g each cockroach point,10-15points for about 15m2.

cockroach chalk :Draw a line with the 0.7cm width by chalk

Cockroach spray :spray the diluted liquid 50-80ML per square 

3.After putting the bait ,add the bait in time ,cockroach killer powder need put 2-3times per week according to the situation.

4.Keep clan and repair it when fin something are broken to keep away from the cockroaches .

5.Avoid applying baits too damp to using .Spray it when are nobody in ,better do it by professional team 

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