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How the mosquito are living in winter
Jan 05, 2018

How the mosquito are living in winter .

In door The mosquitoes usually appear in April and are activities in middle of August .they will be stop breeding and die when the temperature dropped below 10 ℃。Generally they will be in the shelter or hot places such as wardrobe ,heating ant so on .this is not only survive in wither ,but also reduce the metabolic rate ,to avoid starvation and death .a bit like hibernation.

Outdoor ,they are usually hide in the warmer places such as the heating pipelines.


How long they are living ?

Under natural conditions :about 7-10days after the mating after the male mosquito ,but they can live 1 to 2 months in the laboratory .Female mosquitoes generally live 1-2monthes ,lived for four months in the lab .

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