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How do you handle a child after being bitten by a mosquito?
Oct 11, 2017

Because mosquitoes are so fond of babies, we always have a good time. If the child is bitten by mosquitoes, do not give the child daub balm, oil and so on, because those to the child's delicate skin has a lot of irritation.

After being bitten, immediately with soda water or alkaline soap wash local can prevent the package. If the package has been up, you can use the method of continuous cold compress, can be swelling of the itching, can also ease the discomfort of the baby. Calamine lotion also has a certain stop itching effect, also is a choice.

On weekdays, to give the baby to cut nails, avoid scratching, if the baby's skin has been scratched, broken, can not be indiscriminate ointment, should be coated with erythromycin ointment or Mo mupirocin ointment, used to treat and prevent bacterial infection.

Generally speaking, after mosquito bites, there is a very small chance of serious allergy. But if the child has some symptoms that make you feel uneasy, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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