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Classification of pesticides
Oct 11, 2017

Can be categorized as:

① the stomach poison. Through the worm mouth into its digestive system to poison, such as Trichlorfon.

② tagged Agent. In contact with the epidermis or the attached device, infiltrate the insect body, or corrode the insect body wax layer, or plug the valve to kill pests, such as pyrethroids, mineral oil emulsion and so on.

③ fumigation agent. The use of poisonous gases, liquids or solids in the volatilization of vapors to kill insects or bacteria, such as bromine methane.

④ inside the insecticide. The plant seeds, roots, stems and leaves are absorbed and transported to the whole plant, and in a certain period of time, the pathogen or its activated metabolite enters the insect body with the plant tissue or sucking plant sap from the pest, and acts as a poison, such as a le le.

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