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Chinese pesticides into the”strict supervision ” of the times
Nov 22, 2017

Chinese pesticides into the”strict supervision ” of the times

1.Increase access threshold .At present .many pesticides products registered are used for more than 10 years of the old products in China .it is understood,The Ministry of Agriculture will cancel the registration of pesticide products which are not produced for a long time or at high risk.


2.the enterprise who are running the pesticides products ,they must have a pesticide business license ,all kinds of product registration certificate ,pesticide production license and ect .Enterprises in production management focus on the following two points :First :before apply the certificate ,do self-examination strictly accordance with the rule by government .Second :optimize own production technology,pay attention to the government policy

3.Some infors by ministry of agriculture pesticide,Firstly :the code should be unique ,secondly :the restricted use must be eye-catching ,limit the scope of usage must be clearly marked on the product. Thirdly :export products turn into domestics sales also need to make code 

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