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Fly Killer

  • Fly Killer Poison

    Fly Killer Poison

    1.Effective bait ,including the attractant
    2.Easy to use ,just put the powder in which the files are appear frequently
    3.Flies killer bait poison
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  • Fly Paper

    Fly Paper

    1.Natural pest control :no baiting ,no poison ,no vapors,no mess
    2.Easy to use :pull out tubes and hang it
    3.Long lasting :last up to three months or replace it whenever it is full of insects
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  • Fly Catcher Trap

    Fly Catcher Trap

    1.Just hang and cut off when full ,sticky on both sides
    2.Use as much or as little as needed
    3.Trap flying insect
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  • Sticky Fly Trap

    Sticky Fly Trap

    1.Fly glue trap ribbon ,sticky the files
    2.Environment ,non-poison ,no chemicals
    3.Easy to use ,just pull and hang it
    4.Usage :garden ,hotel ,building ,garden,outdoor
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  • Fly Killing Bait

    Fly Killing Bait

    1.It kills pests by contact or stomach toxicity.
    2.It has a strong attractant and non-toxic,harmless ,non-polluting
    3.It contains the attractant to lure the files
    4.Directly factory ,cost performance ,high-efficiency
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