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Cockroach Killer

  • Cockroach Gel Bait Syringe

    Cockroach Gel Bait Syringe

    1.Temptation super,keep wet in three months.
    2.A chain killing with high efficiency
    3.No vapor, no poison, no mess.
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  • 0.05%Indoxacarb Cockroach Killer Bait

    0.05%Indoxacarb Cockroach Killer Bait

    1.Long lasting :keep wet in three month
    2.Odorless,non-polluting,non-corrosive ,environmental protection
    3.Classification :types cockroaches ,insecticides
    4.CAS - No:144171-61-9 Active ingredient :0.05% indoxacarb
    5.Multiple infection,chain killing...
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  • Cockroach Sticky Traps

    Cockroach Sticky Traps

    1.Non-toxic material :without chemicals ,no mess to clean up
    2.Pest type :German roaches ,Asian roaches ,American Roaches ,bed bugs ,any other insecticides
    3.Protect your health ,your food ,your clothes,and your home from these unwanted pests.
    4.10pcs/bag or...
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  • Cockroach Killer Glue Trap

    Cockroach Killer Glue Trap

    1.Where to place :corners of the kitchen ,sewer,cupboard,refrigerator,storage room,bathroom and other places
    2.Glue ensure the long lasting and strong adhesive ,once caught ,never escape
    3.Ideal for capturing annoying home insects cockroaches ,spiders,ants and other...
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