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Cockroach Killer Bait Powder

1.Mixed with super temptation
2.Domino effect --high-efficiency with a little of it
3.Long duration:comprehensive treatment ,more than one year no roaches
4.Easy to use :put the powder in which the roaches appear frequently
5.Tips for use :put the powder in cool and dry place

Net weight :5g/10g/customs

How to operate :

The product is mixed with edible lures and feeding attractant. Realize interactive infection among cockroaches, a Chain kill to cockroaches

Product Feature :

1.It is high efficiency, durable, No odor , Easy to use 

2.specially for all types cockroaches ,such as  Blattella ,Asian,American German cockroach and so on.

How to use :

1.Open the package, put it in the small container where need 3-5g/m2

2.the less the quantity of bait is, the more the point of bait is

3.Put it in places frequented by cockroaches. Can be use in both outdoors and indoors.

Tips for usage :

1.put in a cool and dry place 

2.Place the bait in which the cockroach appear frequently 

3.Less bait, more point

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