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Cockroach Powder

  • Cockroach Killer Bait Powder

    Cockroach Killer Bait Powder

    1.Mixed with super temptation
    2.Domino effect --high-efficiency with a little of it
    3.Long duration:comprehensive treatment ,more than one year no roaches
    4.Easy to use :put the powder in which the roaches appear frequently
    5.Tips for use :put the powder...
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  • Roach Poison

    Roach Poison

    1.Pest control:German roaches ,American cockroach ,Australian roaches , palmetto bug ,black beetle.
    2.A chain killing to cockroach ,die one by one
    3.Thorough killing ,more than 3 months without cockroaches
    4.Applicant :indoor and outdoor ,home ,hotel ,garden...
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  • German Roach Killer

    German Roach Killer

    1.Quickly:3-5days ,cockroach effect of 99% or more
    2.Easy :easy to use ,put the powder in which is cool and effection
    3.Direction :factory supply,cost performance ,delivery time
    4.Duration :more than 3monthes no cockroach
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