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Cockroach Gel

  • Imidacloprid Roach Killer

    Imidacloprid Roach Killer

    1.2.15% imidacloprid content : When the content is 2.15% ,it meet the demand for death and delay the death time.
    2.Cockroach have the habit of eating the death one ,so they will infected one by one ,die thoroughly
    3.Usage :home +hotel+office +garden+restaurant
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  • Fipronil Cockroach Gel

    Fipronil Cockroach Gel

    1.High-performing bait targeting all pest species of cockroach
    2.Applicant ;kitchen,home,bedroom,office ,hotel ,indoor
    3.More Eco-friendly ,safe ,strongly adhesive ,great efficiency
    4.Direct manufacture ,competitive price
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  • German Cockroach Bait Gel

    German Cockroach Bait Gel

    1.Last up to 90days ,it is ideal for areas where compressed sprayer aren’t viable
    2.Easy to use :cut a single bait sticky on the site ,stick where need
    3.Active ingredient :2.15% imidacloprid gel LD50:>5g/kg more safe than salt
    4.When the content is 2.15%...
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  • Cockroach Killer Bait Station

    Cockroach Killer Bait Station

    1.Cockroach lure pheromone attract roaches
    2.Stick the bait where roaches appear frequently
    3.More convenient ,more clean,more easy to use
    4.Don’t worry the dose ,it has been fixed
    5.No odor,no pollution,no waste
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  • Wholesale Roach Killer Cockroach Gel Bait

    Wholesale Roach Killer Cockroach Gel Bait

    Wholesale Roach killer cockroach gel bait Product feature : An effective and ready to use insecticide gel bait for control of different species of cockroaches ,both nymphs and adults domestic kitchens,food manufacturing premises,commercial kitchens,restaurants,food...Read More
  • OEM Insecticide Killer Roach Bait Gel

    OEM Insecticide Killer Roach Bait Gel

    OEM insecticide killer roach bait gel It is a special formula for samll roach : Easy to use :push the syringe ,put the gel along with the wall or which roaches appearance frequently Cost performance :the roaches will die one by one Long lasting :keep the gel in cycle Super...Read More
  • Cockroach Gel Bait Syringe

    Cockroach Gel Bait Syringe

    1.Temptation super,keep wet in three months.
    2.A chain killing with high efficiency
    3.No vapor, no poison, no mess.
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  • 0.05%Indoxacarb Cockroach Killer Bait

    0.05%Indoxacarb Cockroach Killer Bait

    1.Long lasting :keep wet in three month
    2.Odorless,non-polluting,non-corrosive ,environmental protection
    3.Classification :types cockroaches ,insecticides
    4.CAS - No:144171-61-9 Active ingredient :0.05% indoxacarb
    5.Multiple infection,chain killing...
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