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Termites Killer Powder

1.Can be used indoor and outdoors ,like hospital ,hotel ,garden ,home ,building ,fences posts ,other wooden constructions
2.Target pest :Termites ,carpenter ants,crazy ants,and other ant species
3.Easy to use :spray it in which termites appear frequently

Product feature :

1.chain killing termite ,has good effect, kill in a high efficiency 

2.Duration :comprehensive treatment 

3.Packing is convenient ,simple to use 

4.Direct manufacture ,price real benefit 

5.Customized to sample and design models.


1.Divided the powder ,place the powder in the termite-infested places.

2.Put the bait on the cap or small pieces of plastics,prevent the bait to be effected .

3.Suitable for places :Bathroom,Kitchen ,restaurant .office .building and soon.

Notes :

1,Avoid direct sunlight exposure and water for good effect before using.

2,Avoid being touched by children.

3,Avoid store with food.

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