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Efficient Ant Killing Gel Bait

Efficient Ant Killing Gel Bait

1.long lasting control 2.high cost performance 3.more safe

Product details :

Product name  efficient Ant killing gel bait
Active      ingredient               0.05% indoxacarb
CAS no. 14417-61-9
Target  ants 

1.the attractant contain in lure attradcting the ants 

2.Eco-friendly,use tube making the gel in which ants are appearing 

3.easy to use ,just plunger the gel along the walll or the ants are avtivities :can't use it with hand directly touching 

Applicant  home ,garden ,kitchen ,and so on
Customer benefits 

1.Long lasting control

2.high cost performance 

3.more safe 


1.They are living together and the division of labor is clear.when u find a ant ,they are many ants ain your home 

2. they are omnivores ,eat the kinds of food

3.usually they will make nest in dray place like the garden , sewer pipe and so on 

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