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Ant Killer Bait

1.Contacting killer - die after touching ,die within72H indoor and outdoor
2.Pest control :specially for ants ,also for bed bugs ,roaches, earwig, millipede and so on
3.Active ingredient:Beta cypermethrin+propoxur
4.Long last control use in garden ,home ,hotel ,hospital and soon

Feature :

1.kill the ant ,the same as the roaches 

2.Domino killer ,kill the ants thoroughly

3.Super attractant ,high-efficiency 

Active ingredient :0.05% Fipronil 

Net weight :5g/bag,10g/bag 

Usage : 




30g-45g/time    60g-90g/year


45g-60g/time    90g-120g/year


609-90g/time     120g-180g/year

For a reference


1.The common black ant is a temperate species, usually nesting in gardens, under paving slabs, in foundations or occasionally within buildings.

2.Next can survive for many years, with new nests being started by young queen ants which leave the nest as flying ants each year.

3.Ant control is usually only necessary when foraging worker ants become a nuisance within a building looking for sweet food substances

4.Control can be achieved by proofing entry points with sealants. Residual sprays,  dusts and aerosols can be used to kill or deter the entry of ants.

5.Professional gels and powders can be used to treat outdoor nests if necessary.

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