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Ant Control

  • Household Ant Killer Powder Bait

    Household Ant Killer Powder Bait

    1.convenient to use ,dry particles ,can be applied anywhere 2.Better luring effect with unique biological attractant 3.whole nest killing ,extermination for antsRead More
  • Cost Performance Polyrachis Black Ant Powder

    Cost Performance Polyrachis Black Ant Powder

    cost performance Polyrachis black ant powder Knowledge of ant Polyrhachis Ant is widely consumed in Asia as a dietary supplement for its many known benefits. This Mountain Ant is famous for supporting many important life functions and for its replenishing tonic properties of...Read More
  • High Quality Anti Ant Powder Bait

    High Quality Anti Ant Powder Bait

    High quality anti ant powder bait Product specification Function : This product is a Health insecticidal products consisting of bet a-cypermethirn 0.3% and is a good way to kill the insecticide Usage :put the powder along the wall or which the insecticides...Read More
  • Ant Control Bait Gel With A Plunger

    Ant Control Bait Gel With A Plunger

    1.A chain killing of the ant gel 2.keep wet within three monthes 3.the active ingredient :0.05% indoxacarbRead More
  • Efficient Ant Killing Gel Bait

    Efficient Ant Killing Gel Bait

    1.long lasting control 2.high cost performance 3.more safeRead More
  • Powerful ant Killer Gel Bait

    Powerful ant Killer Gel Bait

    1.Whole killing :ant chain killing .they will die day by day 2.Quickly :5-7days ,ants effect of 90% or more 3.Duration:compreshensive treatment ,ant will be nothing more tahn 1 yearRead More
  • Ant Bait Gel

    Ant Bait Gel

    1.Highly attractive formula promotes roaches eating
    2.Target pests : for indoor and outdoor control of structure ants including carpenter ants, and ghost ants and other nuisance ant pests; excluding fire, harvester and pharaoh ants. dose ant bait gel work :ant...
    Read More
  • 0.05% Indoxacarb Ant Killer Gel

    0.05% Indoxacarb Ant Killer Gel

    1.Indoor use including cracks and crevices along walls or floors,behind or under equipment or appliances,under tables ,within farming of tables or furniture ,near garbage collections areas ,spaces,and crevices in cabinets.
    2.Ant gel is specially formulated to be...
    Read More
  • Ant Repellent Powder

    Ant Repellent Powder acting -insect will die within 72h after initial contacting
    2.Applications :industrial ,house ,garden public ,supermarket ,hospital,nursing facilities,buses,boats ,trains ,pet shop ,and zoos
    3. Easy to use :put the powder in which is dry ,cool and ant appear...
    Read More
  • Ant Killer Bait

    Ant Killer Bait

    1.Contacting killer - die after touching ,die within72H indoor and outdoor
    2.Pest control :specially for ants ,also for bed bugs ,roaches, earwig, millipede and so on
    3.Active ingredient:Beta cypermethrin+propoxur
    4.Long last control use in garden ,home...
    Read More
  • Liquid Ant Bait

    Liquid Ant Bait

    1.Attractive bait source contains both food and water
    2.Feature :Eco-friendly ,,disposable ,more safe than powder
    3.Ant liquid kills the queen and colony
    4.High-efficiency Kills in 24H ,last up 6months indoors
    5.Delivery time is on time
    Read More
  • Termite Spray

    Termite Spray

    1.Spray deep into the wood ,like the painted,stained ,and varnished wood
    2.Long lasting protection -- termite treatment
    3.Use indoor and outdoors -non staining ,non toxic,Safe for the family and pets
    4.Kills termite on contact
    Read More
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